Lefthand EP

Leaving Mounthammer

Confessions from the south
A car, J and me
Boiling point
All the leaves
Great big eraser

Leaving Mounthammer

so I guess it’s time to drive away
everyone does
I did not and look at how that paid
it’s like I’m going to miss the paranoia,
wasted all alone,
afraid to make a sound
on my own

and I will regret a lot of it,
of what I’ve done
not just here, everywhere, mainly fear
but you always where there
geographic never disappoint
home or haven
just a place to grow

it’s not the place it used to be for me
when I recollect the golden years
have you ever seen Mounthammer River reflecting the light
while that girl you’ve known forever’s grasping you so tight?
don’t loose her out of sight

how you’ll be
without me?
this place defines the both of us
and if I’m tired it’s not because of you
just try to feel not relieved
but I’ll return and apart from P
I always thought who did Mounthammer was
only me

Confessions from the south

I left when I got bored
5 hours south by train
I’m not quite sure what it’s for
I guess I’ll catch up on the way

My new home is painted white
My Norwegian tourist trap
The people here are nice
On TV you get to zap

I’m just so glad I still have you
I’d be alone if not for you

Talk to one person in school
He doesn’t say a word
He’s the quiet man, he’s cool
When I’m the one stuck in the dirt

Unable to stand straight
and I could just lie down
Now I’m in this perfect state for the place here known as town
Now I’m ready for the town

A car, J and me

Out cruising white in a site best known for moist nights
I'm not scared I've got J. by my side
We got the tools for the vigilant Checkpoint-ghouls
Our only concern now is the traffic rules
I don't know how else I'd have this
I wouldn't add it any water, that's for sure
Some bottle jingle way back in that traitorous trunk
and that's when the driver decides that the back seat's for me

Cruising the white way in the back
and it's only J and me
Driving the stripe, a hell of a time
and it's only J and me

No people in sight, just the trees in our gleaming lights
A break from suburbia is in my chauffeur's might
"You can keep on driving, if it's all right.
'Cause I've got no better, no black book catches for tomorrow,
just headlights to follow."

Boiling point

Add a new rock to my leg
Another crumb in my bed
This pillow mingle wasn’t meant as tense
Still, accidents do occur
And accidents DO occur
Cleansing your nails and my hands
Not anything planned in advance
Lips purplish granted with a kiss
You don’t reply, I miss that warmth
Enter our evil circle

Silent one hour before I kill you
I hate the way you watch the TV and not me
Take another zip secretly
You don’t notice or care
And who would dare trialing my intentions while I’m near

The Black & Decker I choose
Plastic sheets beneath my shoes
My a-plan doesn’t resemble this
Might get annoyed, that’s not my choice
Still, sometimes anger blocks the vision
Remember when we first met?
Told myself, I’d never bet at such stakes
Look where we are now
Who would have guessed it to turn right
You and me forever

Kill you few minutes before I kiss you
Blood stiffens on my sleeve
Told you to leave, but you wouldn’t
I didn’t have to kill you
You left me with no choice, and it’s that voice
giving hints on what to do
Now I’m coming after you  

All the leaves

All the leaves will fall down eventually
Soft they hit the ground ordered by their tree
We’ve never been told to glue them back on
So why do we?

Coca-Cola sounds ringing in my ear
I never could say stop, keep on till it’s three
Lunch at your job, cornfield bathes in sun
So why don’t we?

Our bathroom’s kind of strange cause it has no tiles
I hope I’m still remembered after a while
Arrivals are more popular, no one’s fond of absentees
I hope the pain is less than I would have hoped
Ironically pain was what I couldn’t cope with
I wish I had written a better goodbye than this song


Spend my time in crooked bars
Don’t need a comment, the goal is nothing
Dragging home my catch
Prints that never match

It’s what I want, not what I need
But my virtue’s to be cynical

So tired of losing points
To hippies without joints
If you’re not beer-material
Let’s not talk of what I’m leaving
I choose the comfortable

Specimens and porcelain
My social mix run deeply
Fingers stained

Look what art brought me

Great big eraser

Locked up in my barrel I get never lost
Became the perfect household
It’s perfection at last
Avoid the street until midnight
Its bright and crowded day
Hands get cold and sweaty
Relieved night is on its way

Spiders on my bedpost
Nothing can’t be killed
Worship all that’s mellow
Fewer thoughts are engaged

Peel my skin
Remove myself
Pour my drink
Erase the rest

Everything is knowledge
No thoughts to copyright
The empty sheets at bedtime reflects excess of old
Emerge into the gutter
Where what I’ve done belongs
Urine in the bathtub, sickness during prom

Long time medication to rub off my will
Forces keep me buying and leaving the bill
I won’t seek forever, an existence can’t be found
New ideas are absent, they left without a sound

I would smell the flowers if I’d get to breath
I’d even be quiet if you’d let me speak
Physical hazards, feelings circumcised
Fatal allegations from which I will hide