Ken Vicci

1. Mine
2. Ken Vicci
3. You and me reality disease
4. A guy in a song
5. Cards
6. The seal + the finger
7. Unsober unsamba
8. Happy as happy can be
9. There's a man in the habit of hitting me with an umbrella
10. Don't think I think



Suicidal rhymes
Blame the vacant times
Vocals tucked in harmonies sound better when they're great
Merely therapeutic, thoughts not for debate

Courage is to ask
A hero at his task
Add enough velocity and all becomes a blur
The trial is at its finish, I'll receive my verve

So drape my fears in velveteen
I will be fine now that you're near
Say you are mine and undo my twine
This is the one thing I'd never leave behind

Vacant times give crappy rhymes,
but they're fun singing

Assets lose their value once all spectators go home
The point is not to give, but to pay back the loan

So drape my fears in velveteen
I will be fine now that you're here
Say you are mine and undo my twine
This is the one thing I'd never leave behind

Ken Vicci

The lack of beverage wasn't really a problem
'cause we knew Ken Vicci
Yeah, we knew Ken Vicci
We better call to ask him come to the party
'cause without Ken Vicci you can't have a real party

No one gets bullied now when out in the schoolyard
'cause we know Ken Vicci
No, his name's King Vicci
He took the punks outside and taught them some manners
Made it look so easy, terminate bad species

Kenny, how come your mom so cool
hands you beer and booze,
or marijuana if it's weekday
You know, you're the luckiest guy around
your dad is always out of town and doesn't give you a hard time

One's never bored when out with Ken in the city
Limitations aren't for the guy called Vendicci
We'll wait outside while he'll be shoplifting candy
Then he'll sneak us in to watch an x-rated movie

Kenny, not quite the best in school,
but you're way more cool than Macho-Man, the Hulk
and Earthquake
You know, you're the toughest guy in town
We hope you'll always stick around and keep on giving a goodtime

Fun-guy number one,
but after we'd gone home
"alone" replaced the fun
I still belive we knew Ken Vicci,
but who we never knew was you

The class regrouped at the reunion gathering
but at ten it still was Kenny Vicci-less party
Some said: "I'll miss him, but it's him, so why bother?"
And at that same moment Kenny entered the party

Kenny, how come your wife's so cool
and you teach in school, like that flic with Morgan Freeman
You know you're the most sober guy around,
and you will always be around, probably after we'd gone down
about six feet under ground, keep on having a good time

The You-and-Me-Reality-Disease

There's always something left to try
Given initiative's intact
Never out of things to hide
Look at me and face the fact
When will I learn?

Every prophet/profit has its name
Forget them well and you survive
That in my pocket's what to blame
It still justifies the crime

Is it enough of this?
Really, the more is enough when what I need's gone
or have gone bad
That's how I learn

The point of the game: try catching the ball
Tell great stories get free beer
First reach Fame, and then get the Hall
The core of innocense is fear
One thing I learnt

Is it enough of this?
Is it because no one comprehends,
nor understands
this way of life was not chosen first hand?
What is hard comes with ease
Happiness, a tease
You don't get to volunteer,
the you and me reality-disease

A guy in a song

A new friend or a lover
Take a look at the cover
If I'm lucky it likes me too
It fails to get their attention
I'm the M in S/M
That hobby took me by surprise

If I analyze enough
I'm sure that it will turn out
being about me
It doesn't matter if I'm wrong
Right now I'm on the...

...couch drinking coffee
thinking loud that this must be
Someone with a day like mine
Clishé talk is ok
if I just think it's that way
and if I'm miserable, you be too

That's it! I've had it!
Been missing that last bit
longer than human patience lasts
Stretch and it will fit
Live inappopriate
Thoughts never meant for sale
No test will prove it
You're still addicted
Waiting for next hit

Miserable thoughts are ok
because it know it's that way and
if it's like me it's like you too
Neither a friend, nor a lover
Just someone passing over
this thing imitating life

If I analyzed enough
I'm sure that it would turn out
being about me
It doesn't matter if I'm wrong
Right now I'm in the song


I've got the bags, I've got the money
It's time for me to go
Just get me pass the threshold
The infamous critical point

Open a can or lit another
stick of incontrol
Been told: to win one gambles
the clue is to let go

So see me. You'll see me
when all cards are drawn/gone
So see me. All exceeds
Nothing is everything

You can't pretend you're not to blame
It's time to start
This is your fault

The seal + the Finger

Let out your demons with a sigh
Do what we tell you don't ask why
Some of endearment - Some of the night
The future depends on you to be right

Get used to the feeling you won't have
We've run out of reason in this town
Some say it's moral - Some say it's faith
Just let the burden carry its own weight

Spare your linger
Seal the finger

The distant peal unpleasantly real
How come that's so distrous?
Separate beds, not quite newly-weds
Extension was never further
Liquid wovs. No "why"'s or "how"'s
No doubt when determination
The lack of space, fate has its ways
Still why care when no one listens

Happy As Happy Can Be

feel the sense of force
and the laughter follows
things can always end
when arm’s broken then you are done
walk and overcome,
but the bugs won’t keep quiet
peel flakes of skin,
then stand in line for the show

enter the cinema and the gun doesn’t show
skip the popcorn, there’s no need for mingling here
fear comes on sale, right this day, as I speak
perform surgeon’s cut, draw as the light hits the screen

wrong place to hide
take the tide like a man
die with a smile or the blast of a gun
nothing worth healing here

raised on a lie
who wouldn’t try to give back
a glimpse of a life
I wish you’d seen me:
Happy as happy could be

Don’t think I think

Don’t think I think I’m the better
I just feel like I made the bigger catch
Words come out wrong they’re just letters
Be afflicted or hide them with a patch

Don’t think I think I’m a winner
I’m just a guy who drew the right straw
No matter if the times ever get slimmer
Pickings won’t make me do another draw

Hurry, trick or treat
I know we had a beat somewhere
in the space of what’s left of in between
Scissor-stabs and cuts,
I’ve got enough
Put mentors in trunks of cars and push them off cliffs

Don’t think I think I’d do better
off without the pain you sometimes inflict
Relationships are like forecasting weather
I’m with Forrest; you never know what you get

As fast as you can go
Disasters never roam people
who’re waiting in a chair on their porch
Annoyance or a treat,
we used to have a beat waiting
In the summer wind;
Losses, some are win

Spiteful thesis, how could this be wrong?
Caffeine shivers, I’m with fever when you’re gone

Don’t even blink in the ghetto
Attention is vital where there’s crime
If the lifeguard wants five, just let her
You never know exactly when it’s your time